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« The Ardéchoise race has shown us the way, it's up to us to make the Ardèche a great place to come with your bike. »
The challenge was set and 'Sur les Routes de l'Ardéchoise' was soon established as the cornerstone.
This fantastic bike touring route is the result of a partnership between the annual Ardéchoise cycling event, the Ardèche Tourist Development Agency and Ardèche District Council. Together they created the 'Sur les Routes de l'Ardéchoise' Association, and, pooling their skills, developed a comprehensive product to appeal to cyclists of all abilities, from extreme sports fanatics to leisure tourists, for those with steel calves and those aspiring to have them...

Today it's over to you. Come and try this inspiring bike route and experience for yourselves what Gérard Mistler, founder and president of the Ardéchoise race, describes in the following words ; ''Climb one of the 84 mountain passes of the Ardéchoise, breathe in the surroundings, the views. Reach the summit and discover what's on the other side, so different from what came before... so much enjoyment and wonder to experience. I have tried and tested every section of this course that criss-crosses the whole of the Ardèche. Each offers exceptional panoramic views, nature in all its contrasts, and delightful small towns and villages whose inhabitants give a warm welcome to cyclists who have struggled their way up the mountainside to meet them. Indeed, all these circuits, whose names remind us of the Ardéchoise race, are an absolute delight.''

So, come and have a good time in Ardèche!

Project partners:  l'Ardéchoise cyclo promotion, l'association « Sur les routes de l’Ardéchoise », le Conseil général de l’Ardèche, l’Agence de développement touristique

Financial partners: le Conseil Général de l’Ardèche, la Région Rhône-Alpes, l’Etat et l’Europe.